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School based PT and OT services

Pediatric Therapy Assoc., Inc. has been a provider of quality physical therapy and occupational therapy services for more than 20 years. We currently contract to provide PT and or OT services to 15 schools and Early Intervention programs. Although many of these systems are in the Greater Birmingham area, we also work with many rural school programs. In these settings our therapists provide PT/OT to students who meet the special education and 504 guidelines for service. Our staff assesses students, develops goals and program plans with the teachers and school staff, and provides both direct and consultative therapy service to the student, school staff, and family. The providers of service with whom we frequently consult include Children’s Rehabilitation Service, Children’s Hospital, Early Intervention Programs, physicians and therapists, and vendors for adaptive equipment, wheelchairs and orthotics. The students we serve in these schools often come to us for outpatient services. Our staff members are knowledgeable about national and state guidelines concerning the provision of school-based therapy services and they stay current through regular updates on all related issues.

Inservices and Consultation Services

We maintain a detailed understanding of State curriculum standards and their updates

  • Adapting physical education programs in school settings

  • Integrating Sensory Integration in the classroom

  • Integrating Yoga in the classroom

  • Handwriting resources for children of all abilities

  • Keyboarding and computer skills for elementary-age children

Updates on state guidelines and other topics are also available to school personnel.

Call us at 205-823-1215 for more information.

Early Intervention Services

Pediatric Therapy Assoc, Inc. has provided quality PT and/or OT to children and their families and caregivers through early intervention programs for over 20 years. Through early intervention programs, we work closely with families and caregivers to assist in meeting their child’s developmental needs in the home and community. We also work closely with community contacts to assist with children's educational transitions. Our staff stays current with trends, state laws, and guidelines in order to provide the most effective intervention strategies available to infants and toddlers.

Through our outpatient services, we also provide additional direct therapy services to infants and toddlers. Our highly skilled and trained staff serves children in our office, conveniently located in Hoover, Alabama, off Tyler Road. Some of the infants we serve have had diagnoses of torticollis, club foot, Erb’s palsy, developmental delay, spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

Private Outpatient Services

Private outpatient services are available at our office in Century Park South, conveniently located off Tyler Road near Hoover. We provide one-on-one quality PT and OT services in a family-friendly environment. Our therapy services are comprehensive and include assessment, treatment, home programs, and consultation. We will communicate with referring physicians and any other personnel related to the care of your child at your request. We believe in educating the whole family as well as anyone assisting in the care of your child. We will strive to work around you and your child’s schedule.

Private outpatient physical and occupational therapy is available for numerous diagnoses and issues. These include muscular disorders, orthopedic injuries, chronic disabilities, developmental delay, birth injuries (torticollis, club foot, Erb's palsy), scoliosis, sensory integration issues, handwriting, feeding/swallowing dysfunction, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

We offer a variety of unique therapy programs for children to enhance self-esteem and functional mobility and to target educational needs.

A physician referral is required for the initial assessment and the initiation of therapy services. Pediatric Therapy Assoc, Inc. accepts most major insurance. Please call 205-823-1215 for more information as well as for questions regarding third-party insurance coverage.

Community Service

Pediatric Therapy Associates, Inc. is actively involved in community outreach. We participate and promote programs such as Special Equestrians, Challenger League, and Special Olympics. We participate in fund raising for organizations supporting children with special needs. We are a clinical training site for physical therapy doctoral students and occupational therapy students from university programs in Alabama and Mississippi.

Yoga and Pilates for Teens

We are pleased to provide yoga and pilates strength training for teenagers with scoliosis and/or back pain related to sports injury or hypermobility of joints.

Summer Services

Many of our programs are offered year-round as well as in special summer sessions.

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